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Kenaston House is not that much different than most nonprofit organizations. It’s driven by a passionate commitment to a ‘change the world’ cause. Their executive leadership team and Board of Directors are convinced they’re running an efficient operation and maximizing their desired impact to do good in the world. They’re good, well-meaning people who share a deep passion for the cause they’re invested in. If you’re a nonprofit leader or Board member, that probably describes you and your organization. 


What the Kenaston leadership team doesn’t realize is there’s a tsunami of epic proportions about to hit land that will threaten the organization’s very existence. Prior to the tsunami’s arrival, a smaller storm strikes the organization. The Executive Director, hired five years earlier to replace the retiring founder, takes a medical leave due to the stress of leading this dynamic organization in addressing real and significant community needs. That event reveals critical gaps which, if left unaddressed, threaten to end Kenaston’s work in the city.  A newly elected Board Chair, with a solid understanding of the Board’s governance  responsibility and an entrepreneurial way of exercising his duties, would prove pivotal for Kenaston’s survival.  The Board contracts an external consultant with a proven track record of working with  nonprofit organizations, aware of their unique opportunities and challenges. The consultant employs a planning model designed to help  Kenaston address the gaps.   The strategic thinking process serves as the catalyst to help Kenaston maximize sustainable impact enabling the organization to scale up and thrive!


Weaving fable and theory,  Dr. Ken Thiessen speaks to the heart of the issue facing most nonprofits today. Given the way in which the world is changing, the old way no longer works! Many nonprofit leaders lie awake at night wrestling with that realization but are too afraid to think entrepreneurially. Ultimately that’s the only way to avoid the tsunami about to hit your organization. It’s also the key to maximizing sustainable impact for the people you care most about!