About Me

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Dr. Ken Thiessen

I bring a 30 year track record of leading, and teaching organizations to transform their communities one nonprofit at a time.   


The Entrepreneurial Nonprofit Coach

A true entrepreneur, I bring a wealth of diverse experiences and expertise to my practice.  I owned and operated a restaurant, spent a number of years in retail store management, was a highly successful commission territory sales person, and effectively led a number of nonprofit organizations through significant transitions and growth. I have  an earned Doctoral degree with a specialization in organizational systems.  


I have been trained to use the various organizational tools developed by Human Synergistics and  I am a certified coach with Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches, an international network of business coaches who help mid-growth companies and nonprofit organizations apply the  Four Decisions framework of strategic thinking and execution planning to help organizations take their strategic plan from idea to implementation helping them scale their impact and growth resulting in doing even more good in the world. 


An engaging and inspiring speaker and facilitator, I will motivate your team to accomplish things they never dreamed possible. Your organization can be a catalyst for community transformation if you're willing to step out of your comfort zone and think entrepreneurially.

My Values


Excellence because you deserve it!


Respect for you as an individual.


Collaboration maximizes impact.


Fairness is the base line.


Lifelong Learning is key to growth.

My Promise


Catalytic Transformation

Status quo is not an option. When we're done I'll ask you to answer the following question. Has this process resulted in catalytic transformation in your organization? I want your honest answer!


Friends not Clients

I am about building ongoing relationships not a client portfolio.  When we're done I'll ask you to answer the following question.  Have you experienced my interactions with you and your teams as being motivated by what’s ultimately best for you, your team, and your organization? I want your honest answer again!


Meaningful Engagement

I'm an honest broker and I care enough about you and your team to tell you what you need to hear not just what you want to hear.  One more question I'll want your response to. Do you believe that I have told you what you needed to hear and delivered the message in a way where you felt that what I was saying to you came from a place of genuine care and concern for what was best for you and your organization?  Again be completely honest!


My Brand Promise

Together we will develop a Strategic Plan along with a fully Developed Execution and Accountability Plan which will empower you and your team of stakeholders to scale up your growth and impact or I will donate a portion of my fees back to your organization.