My Expertise

I have a diverse set of tools in my  tool box and years of front-line nonprofit experience to help you and your organization engage in a strategic thinking and execution planning process that will address the most pressing challenges hampering the effectiveness of your team, build alignment within your executive leadership team and organization, significantly reduce the amount of drama in your organization, and help you maximize your people and financial resources enabling you to scale up your impact to do even more good in the world. 

Certificate in Entrepreneurial Nonprofit Strategic Planning And Leadership Course

Many nonprofits have grand dreams to make a significant difference in the world.  They're led by good people who are passionate about the cause they're invested in.  Often they struggle to take their dreams from the idea stage to the point of implementation with clear measurable goals and outcomes. They're also often not trained to engage an ongoing strategic thinking and execution planning process. The Certificate in Nonprofit Strategic Planning/Entepreneurial Nonprofit Leadership  training Course is designed to help train  the executive leadership team in the critical skills  that will equip them to lead their organization well and implement the Seven Attributes of Agile Growth  

Planning Framework. These seven attributes  address the areas of Leadership,Talent, Strategy, Execution, Cash, Customer, and Systems  Click here for an overview of the Seven Attributes Planning Framework






As a certified Gravitas Impact Premium Coach I am trained to  train you and your executive leadership team to implement this framework and tools to help you scale up your impact. Click here for a detailed outline of the program

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Organizational Culture Assessment
FREE Online Assessments

Growing organizations are faced with constant change and challenge in today’s business environment. To stay competitive organizations need to have a vision of where they are heading.

Vision on its own is not enough. The organization’s culture must be aligned with this vision. Culture is the glue that holds everything together. Managing culture is probably the single most

important challenge for any Executive Leadership Team.


The Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI), based on more than twenty years of research describing and measuring culture, is a powerful instrument that identifies current behavioural norms and sets prescriptions for successful change management.

Keynote Speaker

I am an engaging, inspiring motivational speaker. Whether it's a leadership retreat, a team-building event, or a larger group function, I will make you laugh, challenge your assumptions, provoke thought, and call you to action.  You will NOT be bored! Contact me to book me to speak at your event

 I offer the following Workshops:


From Surviving to Thriving Sustainability

The Seven Attributes Every Agile Growth Nonprofit gets right enabling it to scale up the organization's impact and growth

The Anxious Organization Understanding Your Organization as a System and how anxiety is negatively impacting your culture.